Chromebox for Meetings – Free Partner Licenses

Authorised CFM Partners can purchase up to 3 FOC CFM licenses and discounted hardware for their own use

Thank you for helping us grow the Chrome business!  As one way to show our appreciation, we would like to offer you the ability to order the Chromebox for Meetings (CfM) software licenses for free (limited to one domain).  By using CfM in your company, you will be able to sell them more effectively to end customers. We have partnered with ASUS to offer you a discount on the hardware as well. 

Details for ordering the £0 SKU for CfM 

  • Place an order for up to free CfM licenses in 1 purchase order for your internal use
  • The £0 SKU name is:  CROSCFMSWPTNR
  • How to order:  send 1 PO to and put your own company as the end customer, and specify the £0 SKU name
  • The order is for CfM on one domain (ideally your primary domain)
  • You should also place an order for the same number of Chromebox for Meetings hardware units. The discounted cost for these is £523 per unit.
  • You may not resell these free CfM licenses

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