Scala Player for Chromebox

Scala Introduces New Player for use with Chromebox and Joins Google for Work Partner Program

Scala, Inc. is introducing a powerful high definition playback solution capable of supporting reliable and stable 24/7 display, Scala Enterprise Player for Chromebox. Scala’s digital signage solutions drive more than 500,000 screens worldwide, connecting networks of digital devices to deliver engaging audience experiences. To power these solutions, the new player runs on Google Chrome devices, such as Chromebox, and is ideal for driving one-to-one digital engagements across wide-ranging industries such as retail, quick-service restaurants, finance and more. This device is backed by two companies well known for innovative technology as well as world-class customer support including extensive testing, documentation and security standards. As part of this endeavor, Scala has joined the Google for Work Partner Program.

Highlights of the player include powerful playback functionality: rich HTML5 content; smooth visual effects incorporating images, video and audio; extensibility via HTML5 and JavaScript; multiple screen zones showing unique content. The player also allows complex digital content to be scheduled featuring easy-to-use playlists with item conditions and Smart Playlists; sequential and shuffle-play; time-table and individual item scheduling. 

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