Pixel C Opportunity

Tech Data is gauging your interest

Google are looking at giving Resellers the opportunity to buy Pixel C’s via Tech Data UK. It is the the 32GB model with optional keyboard that would be available. We can potentially stock some units if there is sufficient demand (and we are getting quite a bit of interest).  

Approximate pricing is shown below:

                Reseller Buy   MSRP (exc. VAT)   MSRP (inc. VAT)

Pixel C        £295.00            £332.50              £399.00
Keyboard    £88.00              £99.17                £119.00


This is the first Android tablet designed and built from start to finish by Google with a full keyboard, USB Type-C charger and multi-angle display functionality. Its 10” 308ppi display and 64-bit NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor gives lightning-quick performance. The Pixel C and its full-size keyboard are designed to work together, connecting through magnets. The keyboard charges wirelessly when the tablet is shut.

Please contact Matt BeresfordPaul Nicholas or anyone in the TD Google team google@techdata.co.uk to let us know if you'd be interested in purchasing any.

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