Hot Rodding for Computers !

With the Easter holidays coming up here’s something to do if the weather turns wet

Avoiding all this mechanical hassle is just one good reason why Chrome is better for being designed around the cloud...

Do you know why the save icon looks like it does ?  Remember how floppy disks used to only hold 720MB and the excitement generated when double-sided 1.44MB versions became widely available ?  Remember the fun to be had from trying to eject a jammed floppy with a straightened paperclip ? Do you reminisce about having to wait for the disk to stop moving in order to avoid scratching it with the heads as you ejected it ?!

However you can now recreate the joy of floppies - here’s an article about Dr. Moddnstine creating an SD/floppy drive hybrid so your children can learn where the original idea for the save icon’s design came from. Find an old 3.5” floppy disk and upgrade its capacity by a mega factor !  

Of course those of you who can remember the 5.25” and 8” drives will no doubt call them the proper floppies !

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