Excellent Education Apps !

Selected through experience in the Scottish Highlands

The Highlands Council in Scotland has been implementing a pilot project introducing Google products to schools in the Highlands region. They have built up a wealth of experience which they share through their web site. Their favourite apps page is well worth a look to find suitable classroom apps based on what works best in real life experience.

There's a good range to look at from editing & sharing documents, drawing apps, mind map tools, through teacher's class management apps to those designed to reduce the visual stress of looking at a high contrast screen for long periods - I'm sure all teachers would like to reduce the number of stroppy students in class !

You might like to check out their latest activities in the sidebar too as that's where you can find helpful information and stories of experience about the whole process of implementing Chrome products in schools, from enrolling Chromebooks to assessments and capturing the student voice.


Sample outcome of a learning session



Teachers benefit from Google learning too !

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