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Google’s Interactive Classroom Demo Guide

For all those post-BETT opportunities this is an excellent step-by-step guide to demo how Classroom works. Classroom is just one part of Google for Education apps, a suite of free productivity tools for teachers and students. You can also find a pdf version of the step-by-step guide here.


We now all have access to a co-branded GfE Partner Vision Pitch Deck. This template has been created to guide you and your customers through the Google for Education solution. You may customise this template with your company’s logo, services you provide to customers and anything else to demonstrate the value you add. It may be used for both internal and external presentations - but remember to remove the first slide of your copy before showing to the world !


The Google for Education team have also created a Partner Marketing Toolkit in order to share best practices & tips on effective GfE marketing across varying media platforms. The marketing toolkit can be found here.


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