Chrome 49 prevents hidden extensions from being in the address bar

They are now forced to the side

A major change in Google’s recent stable release update to Chrome 49 might have people confused as suddenly many extensions show to the right of the address bar. Chrome 49 contains a breaking change for extensions which means that they’re all forced out of the address bar and moved next to the Omnibox instead. If you have a lot of extensions installed and hidden away you may have wondered where they all suddenly appeared from !

The reason for this is to protect Chrome users from unwanted extensions.  Google have heard too frequently that many users are unaware of the extensions they have installed, whether this is due to sideloading, installation by phishing, or simply the user forgetting how many and which are installed.  Extensions consume computing resources, and may have significant security, privacy, and performance impacts, because of this, Google have decided to increase their visibility to user.

Extensions can no longer hide or use the address bar by default as part of that effort.  Luckily, you’re still able to hide extensions by right clicking them and choosing ‘hide in Chrome menu,’ which sends them to the Omnibox button if you’d prefer.

More details on the change can be found here. These changes along with security fixes will be present in Chrome OS 49 which will be available shortly.

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