Why Chrome is the best choice for Digital Signage


- It's easy to manage

You can remotely configure, monitor and troubleshoot all devices from one management console – these devices can be from any number of manufacturers, and there’s no messing about with different systems for device setup, IT policies, anti-virus, data backup, OS updates/patches etc.

- The prices are low

Chrome is designed to run on affordable hardware, such as the new ASUS Chromebit, making it economically viable for a scalable range of opportunities from corner shops to multiple locations in large chains. Chrome devices allow businesses to invest more in assets and less on managing them.

- It has reliable performance

Chrome devices are designed for long uptimes with simple architecture and no moving parts, the AOPEN products in particular have been robustly engineered for long endurance and are designed to remain fully functional 24x7x365. How many customer displays have you seen ruined by Windows crashes and BSoD requiring a manual reboot ?

- The security is inherent

Chrome devices encrypt your data and receive automatic security updates. Chrome does not need separate anti-virus software and another layer of management to run it. Cloud-based data and tools minimize security issues, e.g. when a device goes AWOL, sensitive business data is protected with multi-layered security - continuous updates, virus protection, sandboxing, encryption, verified boot.

- A good range of choice

There are plenty of hardware products, apps and peripherals from a number of manufacturers to choose from to suit individual signage needs. Some good background information is here https://www.google.co.uk/work/chrome/devices/for-signage/ but please contact your Tech Data account manager or the google@techdata.co.uk team for further details and help in choosing the most suitable machines for you and your customers.

- Major providers sell CMS

You don’t have to buy Chrome Enterprise for digital signage from unknown 3rd parties. CMS and related applications are available from large and experienced companies such as Signage Live (signagelive.com) , App Space (www.appspace.com) and Scala (scala.com)

Don’t forget that through the AV expertise in the Maverick team of Tech Data we can also offer support on the rest of your digital signage solution - from CMS and displays of all sizes to cabling and installation.

Here's a short video to demonstrate the speed of Chrome signage setup

Feature summary table

FeatureChrome Enterprise
  £31.00 p.a.
Chrome Embedded & Digital Signage £20.00 p.a.Comments
User Policies Push policies on a user level
Device Policies Push policies on a device level, e.g. forced enrolment
Public Sessions Ability to launch a public web browsing mode
Network Configs Apply network configurations
Pushing Apps Preset apps, push new apps
PC Workstation Utilise productivity applications such as Google Docs, implement virtualisation platforms


A key Chrome tool for Digital Signage - the ASUS Chromebit

The ASUS Chromebit CS10 is the world’s smallest Chrome OS device - a fully functional Chrome device on a stick !  Its small size, price and thoughtful standard connectivity kit make it ideal for the digital signage market.

  • Easy-to-manage, cost-effective, and highly-scalable solution for signage, kiosks, and other business applications
  • Ideal for simple signage displays with basic content needs (low cost for low usage) 
  • Pocket Mobile ThinClient dedicated to running Citrix Receiver suited for connecting to environments with with highly restricted policies for corporate or government employees  
  • Easy to carry demo device for all Pre-sales & Deployment teams
  • Comes with dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and bendable HDMI connector with extension cable for connecting to hard-to-reach HDMI ports

The ASUS part no. is CHROMEBIT-B004C which is TD SKU 3630679 on InTouch

For more information from the manufacturer click here:  

Chromebit CS10