Why Chromebox For Meetings?

Chromebox for meetings offers users a smarter and more affordable way to achieve collaboration with significant return on investment. With the Chromebox for meetings, employees can collaborate in real time which reduces travel costs, increases productivity in dispersed teams and provides a green solution. So what makes the Chromebox for meetings unique?

What makes this solution different than simply running Google Hangouts on your computer is that the Chromebox for meetings unit includes a customized version of the ChromeOS specifically designed to run Hangouts in conference room settings. The dedicated software allows you to easily start Hangouts, pull calendar invites onto the main screen and join meetings with a single click. In the admin console you can add calendar resources, like meeting rooms, directly to the device, manage multiple devices and monitor usage.

Google's biggest selling point for its new videoconferencing system is ease of use. "No more complex dial-in codes, passcodes or leader PINs," writes Caesar Sengupta, a Google VP working with Chromebox for meetings in a blog post, adding that you can "walk into the room, click the remote once and you're instantly in the meeting." Regarding the powerful Core i7 processor, Sengupta says it is necessary to process and locally encrypt multiple simultaneous streams, adding that because of this, normal Chromeboxes (or lesser powered PCs) won't be able to host this service.


The product can be set up in minutes. Simply plug your display into the Chromebox and off you go. Once the setup wizard has run its course, you’ll be ready and able to use your new product.

The only thing you will need to run your Chromebox for Meetings device is a wi-fi network and a display in your meeting room.

Set up your entire room in minutes and easily manage all meeting rooms from a web-based management console. Chromebox for meetings comes with a Chromebox, HD camera, combined microphone and speaker unit and a remote control. All you need is the display in your room, and you’re good to go.

Any device that supports Hangouts can be used to join your meeting, and they’ll be able to enter virtual meetings literally from any location that comes with an internet connection.

Share your laptop screen wirelessly with a universal short-URL, without any cords and adaptors. Integration with Google Apps makes it easy to invite others and add rooms to video meetings, directly from Google Calendar. Schedule a meeting in your calendar and then simply click the remote once and you can be instantly in your meetings – no more complex dial in codes.
Up to 15 participants can join the video meeting from other conference rooms, their laptops, tablets or smartphones. Need to meet with a client who doesn’t have a Cfm? That is also very simple – all they need is a Gmail account.
You can have up to 15 people viewing a document and multiple people editing it simultaneously with the Google drive app.
The Chromebox for meetings runs Chrome OS and updates automatically with the latest features & security fixes. All of your apps and files are stored securely and scanned for viruses once in the cloud. Google can provide 24/7 telephone support. Management and support for the device is covered by an annual fee.
The camera can be automated to display on screen whoever is speaking or alternatively customised for each user to suit themselves, for example display the person you are interested in and the docs you want to focus on. A user friendly navigation bar remains at the bottom which displays other participants of the call and other data, all of which can be switched to full display with just one click.