Please visit this page at Google to learn about the licensing in greater detail!


The current model is designed for smaller conference rooms with up to six people; larger conference rooms are not ideal at this time. Google is working on collaborating with additional hardware vendors to add more options for larger rooms and features, like video recording (which is currently only available on Air meetings, but not private meetings), I was told.

Primarily CFM is about spreading collaboration throughout an organisation, not necessarily replacing a boardroom VC solution.

Not yet. Currently this is a stand alone solution with integration across other Google services. However, there is no out of the box integration to market-available VC solutions. **working actively with alliance partners to address integration*** (Vidyo, uber conference available day-1) and currently working with many more partnerships.
Under the current release, recording your meetings is not possible with this solution. If you need to record your meetings, you can still use a video production team or standard audio recording services. Private Hangout On Air, which is part of the roadmap will support recordings. The Uberconf hangout app allows recording of audio portion and includes both uberconf. participants and those in the joined Hangout session.
Service Data is Customer's Confidential Information. Customer’s Administrators may have the ability to access, monitor, use, or disclose data available to End Users within the Solution and data about location of Hardware.
This speaks to interoperability. Yes, CFM works with users running the Hangout App on IOS and Android devices, CFM also interoperates with PCs and Macs running Hangouts.
During the video session, SRTP(Secure real-time transport protocol) is used to encrypt voice and video traffic (UDP real time traffic) and SSL is used to encrypt management traffic (TCP control traffic).
Hangouts video calls will scale the video bitrate to meet the available bandwidth.
HD scales between (x) and 2100kbps
SD scales between (x) and 900kbps
While QoS on the customer network is advised, CFM will gracefully degrade under less-than-ideal network conditions. Guaranteed bandwidth is no longer required!
15 is the optimal number of participants to ensure a high quality user experience. You can have up to 30 participants join a single video conference however the quality of the experience will not be guaranteed.
Google’s bundled solutions include both the hardware and the software. Because we’ve chosen this hardware to optimize the quality of the VC experience. We recommend you use our bundle as our solutions have been tuned for these devices. We provide hardware specification for the display units.
We currently only support single screens and single speakers/microphones. Multi screen, speaker, and microphone support is on the roadmap for future versions.
Google will identify the minimum specs required for the display. The display should be capable of 1280x720p 30fps video. Changes in display spec requirements. Google will notify Admins through email, ChomeOS blog will be kept updated and used to communicate feature updates.
Even if you’re looking to hold video conferences with customers or clients that are yet to install this new Google product, you needn’t worry. Anyone can now join a Hangout on CFM – you don’t even need a Gmail address.