Accessorise Your Chrome

Customers usually spend the majority of their accessory budget at the time of their original hardware purchase, so make sure that you can offer plenty of suitable options when the customer asks for what you’ve got.

Tech Data has plenty of options to choose from so please find below some suggestions to start working with. Leading questions always help establish a conversation so it’s good to find out what sort of user you have:

Student – likely to want a protective sleeve or an always-on bag and a stylus for drawing or handwriting notes, they may also want a special mouse

Manager on the move – would be interested in executive cases, stylus, power adaptors, Ethernet adaptors, docking station equipment, large external monitor, warranty

Mobile workers e.g. healthcare staff – would want 12V power supplies, cases, cleaning kits

Sales rep – will probably want connectivity adaptors, easy riser for presenting, speakers

Tech Enthusiast – probably wants a good mouse, docking station, extra power, external monitor

Recruiter – May need a microphone or headset, separate mouse and keyboard