Demo Domain:

  • As we continue to evolve the Google for Education offering, we want to reward strong partners. We are excited to announce the Google for Education Partner Toolkit. This toolkit allows our Google for Education partners to have access to all of our Google for Education products for the purposes of learning development, as well as, marketing and sales demonstrations. The test environment will be free of cost. In order to ensure a smooth ordering and provisioning process for your Toolkit, there are a few prerequisite steps which you will need to complete:
  • Purchase a domain in the following format gedu.demo.resellername.com and sign up for Google Apps for Education.The domain must be verified before any licenses can be provisioned.
  • Partner domains will be enabled only on accounts following the gedu.demo.resellername.com format
  • Fill out this form to notify Google of your domain registration. All requests for partner domains will be approved by the partner manager
  • What’s included:
    • Google Apps for Education account with 100 licenses
    • Google Play for Education Access
    • 30 licenses for Google Play for Education Management and Chrome Management*
    • Classroom Access for teacher accounts

All Google for Education Requirements and Benefits are listed in the program guide here
Unfortunately Chromecast isn't advised since it isn't designed for use in schools as the necessary controls are not in place.
To become an official Professional Development partner organisations you must have 4 authorized Google Education Trainers on staff. Once you do have 4 authorized trainers, please submit this application. If you do not have 4 Google Education Trainers on staff, please have 4 of your trainers complete the requirements listed on the certifications page, including taking the Google Educator qualification exams.
Yes. We made a video last year with one of the lighthouse schools in the UK IPACA (link); Also I've attached a pdf of the case study booklet that we distributed at BETT this year
See here for a website that explains more about this (link). We also have taken part in the UK Department of Education's Cloud Service Providers checklist (link).